Saturday, April 25, 2009

A day in the life

After just passing the six-month mark in our adventure, we have settled down in to a routine. I think this is why we have been posting less to the blog -- our life is sort of more "normal." New York is an amazing place to live with tons of stuff happening. I thought I would share some pictures of what life under our feet looks like. This is what we look at most every day.

Where our day begins...the floor in our bathroom:

The floors in our apartment are hardwood, but we have to put rugs over at least 80% to keep the noise down.

The lineolum floor in our building elevator:

This fresco in our buidling lobby is real tile...actually pretty nice:

Painted crosswalk across 212th Street and Broadway:

This is the warning strip -- bumpy rubber where the subway car pulls up to the platform.

The first stop on the "A" train is at 207th Street just a few blocks from our apartment. So, this sign says "it all starts here."

This is the pole on the "A" train.

This is part of the sidewalk along 168th Street at the entrance to Columbia University Medical Center.

It's the Ivy League!

This is a real Ivy League hallway:

These stars are on the floor at the hallway in the entrance to NewYork-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital (CHONY).

This is the floor of the room where I had a meeting at CHONY...gotta love meetings!

These types of grates are all over the sidewalks here -- I guess it is for access to the mechanics under the sidewalks and for ventilation for the subways:

Steps going back down in to subway stop at 168th. The yellow paint is so the people from out of town don't trip, or so I'm told:

The stairs going back up to our apartment:

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5-spastic-kids said...

We LOVE this! You guys are so unique in your perspective. It's fun, refreshing and makes us appreciate what we overlook everyday.