Friday, April 17, 2009

Yankees: 6 Indians: 5

Yesterday was opening day at the new Yankee Stadium. Joey, Brian and Peggy went up to see the festivities and found out that after next week, there are only single seats available. So that we could be sure to go to a game together, we got tickets to go today.

The weather was perfect and the new stadium is very nice. We didn't see anything that was still under construction. The food was very good and you can read a review of the stadium food vendors here.

We got to the stadium a little early, and when we were sitting there, a woman went up to Joey and Brian and asked if they would like to play the Yankee trivia game. It was a matching game of players' faces and then won! The best prize was seeing their names and faces up on the big score board. Now THAT is a New York moment!

We are posting some pictures of our day at the game -- enjoy!


Grandpa Jones said...

That looked like a lot of fun. Glad to see you were not wearing Mets caps to the game!

Grandpa Jones said...

I liked the slide show, lots of great pictures. But Yikes! Six dollars for a hot dog and ten dollars for a large beer. Looks like I will have to go on Dime-a-Dog night!