Saturday, May 9, 2009

NYC Visitor

Hey, it's life in the Big Apple, what do you expect?

Luckily, our landlord has an extermintor come in twice a month. He arrives every other Saturday at about 7:50 and shouts "'terminator" down the hall. We always try to be ready when he gets here -- oven and refrigerator pulled away from the wall, cabinets emptied.

He called it a "water bug," which from what we can gather from our reading, is a nice name for the American cockroach (picture from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's web site.)

He used some "Suspend," which looks like pretty nasty stuff if you are a bug of any sort.


Anonymous said...

YUCK! Hope none of them hitch a ride back to Columbus when y'all come back. YUCK!

The Rowes said...

I should probably not let Lisa see this.

mina said...

ew! i found this post after searching for water bug because a roach just walked under my foot in my otherwise nice hotel room just outside of nyc and the 'supervisor' at the front desk keeps calling it a water bug. i am not impressed!