Sunday, October 5, 2008

The pets have their say

Hi, this is Goldie (Brian’s dog) and Brian is really tired so I thought I would write something for him.
So it’s really cool living in New York because I get to go on a walk like 3 times a day. And it’s like really fun going on the elevator because I was supposed to get biscuits every time I went but I was too good. Um, and I also have my same daily routine so it’s a not a lot different than in Columbus.
Since I couldn’t think of anything else to write I thought I would you would like to know my top five least favorite things about NY.

1. Sirens, although it’s the same as in Columbus it’s still annoying!

2. NOBODY sleeps! It’s so annoying ‘cause then I can’t.

3. Ants, They steal my food!

4. So small, what happened to my house?!?!

5. Nothing, I like it here.
Goldie’s daily routine: Wake up, go out, eat, sleep, wake up, go out, sleep in a different spot, wake up, go out, eat, sleep. Repeat, repeat.

Hello, it is Fluffy, Joey`s cat.

I thought the drive was long and boring, well except when they gave me a bath! That was no fun at all!

We drove for forever, then I got put in a cage for a while, then I got stuck under a tractor trailer, twice!!! Can you believe that!? The same tractor trailer too.

We got at the building I don’t know when, and then they made me and Goldie sit in our crate! I thought that is very mean!

But, everything is fine now. I have my blankets, my bed, my food, my litter box, and my family.


Grandma Ro said...

Glad to see all are doing well. Much love

5-spastic-kids said...

We're glad (and amazed!) Goldie and Fluffy are able to blog about their adventures. Can't wait to hear more from all of you!

Aunt Dee and Uncle Mike said...

It sounds like you are all having fun. We are glad that Goldie and Fluffy have settled in nicely. Hope you are having fun!!!! Can't wait until you come up to pick apples!! Love, Aunt Dee, Uncle Mike and Paula

Grandma Ro said...

So, you guys did a great job writing these stories! I love the pictures too.