Thursday, October 2, 2008

We are here!

We got here on Monday and started unpacking the truck, we started about 12:45 and we were finished about 3:00. After that we immediately went to get pizza. The first morning we were here we had, take a wild guess, bagels!

We are about 5 blocks from the grocery store and less than a block from the subway stop. We are also about 6 blocks from the library. We got library cards on Tuesday the 1st. We are at the library right now because we don't have internet at our apartment. Our mailing address is 5000 Broadway Apt. 6N New York, NY 10034.


Linda said...

glad all is well and you made it there!! Proud that you had pizza on the first night! Have fun.

The Rowes said...

We are happy to see that you arrived safely. Keep the pictures coming. And have an slice of pie for us.

Linda said...

How was your first weekend? Have fun? Keep us all updated! Miss you guys.