Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fire Island

Last weekend we went out to Fire Island, right next to Long Island, where Moms cousin Beth and her husband Chris have a house. It was like Oak Island except they had lifeguards, so if the water was really bad you couldn't go in. On the first day we woke up around 7:00, way to early for a vacation, and went down to the beach and they wouldn't let anyone in the water.In the bay they had ropes set up like a pool but in the bay, they had a diving board and everything!

Another cool thing is that cars aren't allowed on the island so we had to take a ferry over, and it wasn't a ferry that went 2mph it went more like 25!Chris and Beth let us use there bikes to get around so we used those a lot.One time me, Joey and Beth woke up earlier than Mom and Dad so we went on a ride to see Chris playing tennis or "tennis balls" as their 1 1/2 year old daughter Nora called it.

The first time we went into the water it was FREEZING but we got used to it.The waves were also pretty big because of hurricane Bob or Bill or what ever.While we were dow at the beach we played a badminton, volleyball, tennis and ping pong mix, to clear things up me and Joey made up a name, pingball tegminton. It was actually pretty fun considering i lost 4/5 games.

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