Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Martha Stewart Show

We went to see The Martha Stewart Show being taped today. The show actually runs live in most parts of the country and aired today.

Today's guest was Aishwarya Rai, the world's most beautiful woman. Martha and Aishwarya were doing a Valentine's Day candy craft.

MS: If you just want to pick up this one, we already cut one out for you...and there's a little dotted line.

AW: Now, why have I been struggling?

MS: Just to see if you can cut with scissors...that's all.

AW: Aaah...see? (holds up her cut out craft paper)

MS: Of course you can cut with scissors.

AR: See, actors can do more than just preen.

MS: expect that you can.

AR: (Preens)

1 comment:

Grandpa Jones said...

I saw that show... I bet you got some good vittles and excellent giveaways from this visit!