Thursday, January 22, 2009

Goldie talks (Not really!)

Hi again! I'm still having a whole lotta fun here! We got some snow and its really fun to play in, except when Joey and Brian put snow on top of me cause then I have to shake it of and it takes SO much effort. Two days ago we went sledding, well I didn't but Joey and Brian did. I think they had fun but my feet got really cold!

The weekend before that when their Mom went somewhere me, Joey, Dad and Brian went out on a long walk in the snow. I think that was the funnest thing I have done all year(Get it?)! I have no idea what was the matter with Joey but he fell down at least 10 times! Brian thought it was really funny when I made a smiley face in the snow, I stepped in the snow in one part and the po- oh wait Brian said not to say that!

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