Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last Post of the Year!

We arrived back in New York last week and got settled in. It has been unseasonably warm in New York (in the 50's), but turned cold tonight. After going for a "walk" in Times Square this afternoon (more like a "stand still" since the crowds started to get very thick by the time we got there at 3pm!), we did some errands and came back home. The sun was just setting and it was gorgeous!

Goldie still needed to be walked, so Peggy and I took her out for a brief walk and we came home for dinner.

Speaking of dinner, we have been using the heck of a George Foreman grill we got from the Behr's for Christmas. Hot dogs by George Foreman, grilled ham and cheese, pork chops, and that's only been a week!

Happy New Year to all! For one thing, we are thankful we won't be standing in the mobs of shivering people in Times Square!

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5-spastic-kids said...

We're thrilled you're getting to use the grill so much. Maybe Nick's right... we might have to go ahead and get one:-)