Monday, November 3, 2008

NYC Marathon

On Sunday, we went to watch the runners on at the NYC marathon. We were at about mile 21 and lined up to cheer to the racers on. We were literally just a few feet from the runners. A lot of them had their names on their shirts, so we could call out to encourage them along.

We were able to see some of the professional men runners, then there were people who looked like they were keeping a strong pace, but paying for it, then people who looked better after them, and then masses and masses of people running.

There were a lot of runners (close to 30,000), but every once in a while, a runner made eye contact with us and we were able to say something right to them. It kind of felt like we were helping them along -- they would toss their bannana peels on the ground or trash and we would move it out of their way. Even though we aren't runners and didn't know what to say, we used a lot of the same lines:

"Looking strong, looking strong, dude!" (Tim)
"YaaahooooooO!" (Brian)
"NYPD -- good job!!!' (Peggy)
"All right, clap, clap" (Joey)
"Keep your head up -- you're doing great!" (Tim)
"Yeah -- you can do it!!" (Peggy)

Some of the runners gave us the thumbs up, others looked at us with that expression, "If you're so sure I can do it, why don't you come try!!!" It really was a neat event...way better in person than on tv!

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