Monday, October 13, 2008

USS Nassau

Today we went to the USS Nassau, a small aircraft carrier. We got to "shoot" guns, all we did was load nothing, then pulled the trigger. Also, we got to hold a handgun, a 12 gauge, and a M-16 with a grenade launcher.

There were some helicopters, and a plane . One that we saw was called a Huey. The Huey is a a passenger/attack helicopter. They mostly used it for deployment. Another one was called the Cobra. The Marine said we don't use this to rescue people, or to move troops. This one just shoots.

Also onboard we saw the medical room and their equipment. They had two operating rooms and an ER that could hold up to 16 people. We also saw the ship police and they put Brian under arrest! The equipment they used consisted of batons, pepper spray, a shield, and a mask.

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