Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hippo Playground

Last week we went to Hippo Playground, it sounds like a little kids thing but it was fun! They had fiberglass hippos that Joey ran into, he jumped on one that was half submerged in the ground and landed then ran into another one.
One of the hippos was hollow and me and Joey climbed in it. It was pretty big inside but we still got closterphobic. The mouth was open so me and Joey slid right thru, onto the ground.
After we went there we went to climb on some rocks. There was one that was shaped like a backwards c, I tried to climb it but couldn't.
Then we went to the Soldiers and Sailors monument. It was really tall with pillars going all around. In front of it there where three cannons. We looked down the barrel of one, which probably wasn't smart.

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