Thursday, October 16, 2008

This weekend

Hi, it’s Joey. We did some pretty neat things this weekend. First on Saturday, we decided to go to a farmers market. We got some really good chocolate milk, which we had to say “Yummy Doodles” before we could drink any.
On Sunday, we went to Great Read in the Park, which was actually in Columbia. There were authors reading books, stands giving away Frisbees and food, and a book store. My favorite part was getting to see the main campus of Columbia.
After that, we went to Saint John the Divine Cathedral. There were a lot of neat animals. I saw a reindeer, a cow, an eagle, a cow and a lot of dogs! We did not get to see the inside of the cathedral because there was a service just finishing.


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Grandma Ro said...

Only in NYC. Thanks for the pictures, seeing is believing.