Thursday, September 25, 2008

Questions about our Excellent NYC Adventure

We don't have all the answers, but here are some questions...

What are we doing?

We are moving to New York! After finishing his PhD in the College of Public Health at The Ohio State University, Tim has accepted a position as a post-doctoral reserach fellow (postdoc) in the Center for Interdisciplinary Research to Reduce Antimicrobial Resistance at Columbia University. A postdoc is a period of study and research in a focused area. This is a one to two year program designed to help develop research skills, learn more about a specialty area, and work with senior researchers.

Professionally, it will help Tim become a better researcher and gain additional experience with research projects. This will be a help in planning future research work and advancing in a career in academia.

This means that we will be packing up the family to move to New York for a year. Joey and Brian will continue to do school online through Ohio Virtual Academy as we intend to maintain our permanent residence in Columbus. Peggy will continue to teach Joey and Brian at home and will work with Educate, Inc. as she has done for the past 5 years.

Why are we doing this?

In addition to the outstanding (and once in a lifetime) opportunity, we think it will be a great experience for us all. We have always loved New York -- and actually fell in love with each other there, were married, and then lived there during our first year together.

We hope that it will offer the boys some great learning opportunities and a chance to see a different way of life.

Seriously, tell me why again?

It makes no sense, right? Tim has a good job, actually two, really good jobs. The College of Nursing at OSU is a great place to work and my coworkers at Ohio Health Center are excellent. Peggy has a routine with doing school at home and working from home. Joey and Brian are settled in school, with their friends, and other activities.

We have an excellent group of friends from Scouts, Marriage Encounter, and the neighborhood. Our families are close with Tim's mom living 5 minutes away and us being close enough to Erie to make the trip fairly frequently.

After many years, our house is comfortable and we are proud of it, both inside and out. Columbus is a great place to live with lots to do. The boat is easy to get in the water and we have lots of things we like to do in our spare time. Financially, we are the most stable we have ever been. In short, we have a great life.

So, why pack it all up and move to a City where we know a handful of people? Why?

Hopefully, we'll be able to answer this question in the next few months.


antona said...

I can definitely relate to this why, WHY? family and I are doing the same kind of excellent adventure moving to Maine :), and the only answer we have is that "it seems like the right thing to do." Adventure is a good thing, doing things that feel like they are happening in the right time and place are also a good thing. Thanks for sharing your experience, I can't wait to read more! ~Antona

Grandma Ro said...

Well, they're off looking for a pet-friendly hotel between Cols and NYC. Hopefully all will go well. Grandma Ro

Aunt Dee and Uncle Mike said...

Thank you for setting up your Blog as you know we will be following your adventures with great enthusiasm. Aunt Dee

Linda said...

just had one question...Why are you doing this???? Seriously, why are you doing this??